Sumana Font Family Free Download

Sumana Font Free Download

Sumana Font is a bracket serif font featuring an awesome cool texture. Cyreal foundry took the charge for designing and releasing it for the first time from 2014 to 2015.

Basically, it’s a Latin and Devanagari fonts for text setting and web usage created by Alexei Vanyashin. He put vertical and horizontal metrics just to adjust it with the Devanagari.

In this font, the designer has to match the graphical characteristics of each script. It has an elegant fine texture which adds a fine touch to the design and leads this font in the professional category.

So, you can create whole designs without any mistakes. And best of it, you can use this awesome font for pairing conditions as well. Like you can utilize it with Bagnard Font and Cotham Sans Font.

Sumana Font Family

Sumana Font Family Download

Sumana Font has come in two styles including Regular and Bold. Both weights have Truetype features along with a 457 number of characters.

These characters are professionally managed so you don’t worry about utilizing it in professional tasks. Each and every character has created with thick strokes and maintains proper height and width.

With this elegant font help, you can create covers, posters, emblems, game graphics, product designs, product packaging, game graphics, book covers, long text paragraphs, and so on.

We hope, now you understand this fine font deeply but still if you have any questions then you can ask us. And if possible then also share this majestic font with others. In this way, others can also create good designs.

Now you need to click on a single button below and download the Sumana typeface easily. Later on, feel free to create personal and commercial designs because it has a SIL license.

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Sumana Font Free Download