Asar Font Family Free Download

Asar Font Free Download

Asar Font is a slab serif font that has an elegant cool texture. Sorkin Type Foundry took the charge for designing it releasing it for the first time during 2014.

While Miss Pria Ravichandran is known as the primary designer of it. All the texture of this font is featuring a decent and clean look with elegant fine texture.

That’s surely useable for professional tasks same like other legendary fonts including Omega Sans Font and Nunito Sans Font. So, without any mistake, you can truly get fine and better results.

The designer has specially created it for long texts during maintaining a certain charm at large sizes. That’s why he put density of certain brush strokes which dictate wider spacing and new forms.

Asar Font Family

Asar Font Family Download

Asar Font has come in a single regular style along with Truetype features. This single style has 1358 number of characters along with 2048 units per em.

These 1358 characters have also included Devanagari letters. So, surely almost all letters you will find into it need a design. In this way, it also is the best choice for your upcoming tasks.

With this elegant font, you can create book covers, unique emblems, game graphics, product designs, product packaging, cv templates, long text paragraphs, t-shirt printing, and many other purposes.

Also, it becomes a better choice for developing purposes like games, app, or web. We hope, now you understand this cool font deeply but if you want any kind of question then you can ask from us in the comment section below.

Now you need to click on a single button below and get the Asar typeface. After that, feel free to use it in personal and commercial tasks. And also share it with others.

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Asar Font Free Download