Peralta Font Family Free Download

Peralta Font Free Download

Peralta Font is a slab serif font that has a jiggly appearance. Mr. Brian J. Bonislawsky has released it for the first time via the Astigmatic during 2012.

This font has shown the Egyptian slab serif gone haywire. In which it contains capitals and lowercase have opposite weight distributions.

Along with all-around offbeat nature which will work great to create a delightfully comic font. So, this will really a great option for creating unique designs.

It can work well with Studio Ghibli Font a serif typeface by Eyad Al-Samman and Lancelot Font. As it owns the same solid texture which can surely create solid designs in display and printing projects.

Peralta Font Family

Peralta Font Free Download

Peralta Font has come only in a single regular style that contains Truetype features. This style has 373 glyphs and 368 number of characters.

The character set range has included 93 Basic Latin, 96 Latin-1 Supplement, 127 Latin Extended-A, 16 General Punctuation, and 1 currency symbol.

So, that really works for small tasks to large tasks as well. Because it has too many glyphs which can use for almost all kind of designs.

You can easily create unique logos, product packaging, product designs, comic covers, game titles, game developments, movie posters, unique emblems, printing on cards, and many more.

On the other hand, you can also use this fine quality font for cartoon posters. So, we can say that it’s a good choice for stylish sweet designs.

Now maybe you will definitely use it in various projects where you feel it better. So, don’t forget to share your view over it in the comment section below.

For downloading the Peralta typeface, you need to click on a button below and download this quickly. After that, feel free to use it everywhere because it’s completely free.

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Peralta Font Family Free Download