Greyfox Font Family Free Download

Greyfox Font Free Download

Greyfox Font is a script handwritten font that has a stylish texture. An Indonesian designer Andrie Nugrie took the charge for designing it and releasing it via Nug’s Project during October 2019.

All the letters of this remarkable font are crafted with a brush just to maintain the natural look to designs. Also, you will find one thing common in each character that has missing strokes.

Where seemed like the ink doesn’t work properly. It’s just because of authentic dry brush use by the designer. So, along with imperfections strokes, the texture is drawn on paper.

But this really a cool thing for this font family which makes it more astonish and cool. And also helpful to create a decent texture for printing and display both tasks.

Greyfox Font Family

Greyfox Font Family Download

Greyfox Font has come only in a single regular style with  Opentype features. This single style contains approximately 210 glyphs and supports different languages.

So, this elegant font can create a stylish design not only in English but others as well. The best part of it, from small to large tasks everywhere it can be utilized.

And work in a friendly manner like Kalisha Font or Montic Font by 178-MC. It’s really the best option for the coolest designs. So, try your best and create magnificent designs for sure.

Same as invitation cards, birthday or wedding cards, fashion magazines, book covers, unique emblems, printing on t-shirts, game graphics, brand logos, unique emblems, mugs printing, and many others.

We believe, this elegant font will surely help you to create super cool designs for sure. So, just click on a single button below and download the Greyfox Font easily. After that, keep using it in personal use only.

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Greyfox Font Free Download