Earthquake Font Family Free Download

Earthquake Font Free Download

Earthquake Font is a fancy cartoon font that comes with an awesome cool texture. A Danish designer Jakob Fischer took the charge of designing it and releasing it for the first time.

Its texture has created with irregular strokes in which the designer didn’t follow proper baselines. Also, he put irregularity means its structure didn’t have proper heights, width, and spaces.

Some letters are bigger from the upsides and some letters are bigger from the downside. While the width of all letters is almost the same. That’s why they can equally work fine.

Its cartoon texture is unique which surely helps to create unique designs that no other font can create. So, if you really want unique designs then it can definitely work fine for you.

Earthquake Font Family

Earthquake Font Family Download

Earthquake Font has come in a single regular style that possesses Truetype features. This single style has 86 number of characters along with 1000 units per em.

It contains almost all such characters that need a basic design. So, you can definitely create a small or simple design easily. While in large designs you can choose other font help to create them like Trendsetter Font & Jelytta Font.

With this awesome font help, you can create book covers, horror posters, unique emblems, game graphics, product designs, product packaging, game graphics, special event cards, special quotes, cartoon posters, game titles, and etc.

On the other hand, also for those places where you find it great. So, before leaving this website share your opinion over it in the comment section below. And also share it with others.

Now you just click on a single button below and get the Earthquake typeface. After that, feel free to keep using it in personal and commercial tasks.

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Earthquake Font Free Download